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龙8娱乐备用网站_龙8国际娛乐官方老虎机_龙8国际pt老虎客户端(HZ3R) found in 2003, is one of the largest manufacturers of ferric chloride in China with above 100,000 tons per year capacity. Our main product is ferric chloride,including ferric chloride liquid, ferric chloride hexahydrate and ferric chloride anhydrous with production base locates in Huiyang District, HuiZhou city, Guangdong Province.In 2015, we built factories-JieYang 3R Environmental Technologies Co., Ltd(in Guangdong Province) and Tangshan 3R Chemical Co., Ltd(in Heibei Province). We set up GB4482-2006 China Ferric Chloride standard for China, cooperate with mainland domestic Government, Hongkong Government ,U.S.A Government and many famous brand name companies such as Kurita Water, Shenzhen Water Group, CSPC,FOXCONN,COMPEQ, Hyflux, SHANGHAI MUNICIPAL and Zhong Yung etc. Besides,with SGS, ISO9001:2008 ,ISO14001:2004 certifications,etc, we sale our products to overseas markets.

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