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Drainage Services Department
Date:2013-5-23 15:32:42    

     Stonecutters Island Sewage Treatment works: Is acts according to in 2021 to estimate the average dry weather sewage current capacity 1.725 million cubic meters but to design every day uses an iron trichloride chemistry level of strengthening processing method the central sewage treatment plant.


Operation Technical Parameter:

1. Processes each ton sanitary sewage iron trichloride to throw the increment is only about 20ppm.

2. Chemicals (ferric chloride and polymer) are injected at the inlet to the works at required dosages and mixed with the sewage inflow in rapid mix chambers (8 no.in all).

3. The process removes 80% of the suspended solids and 70% Biochemical Oxygen Demand at presence.

4. The total capacity of pumping facilities is 39.75 cubic meters per second.

5.The sludge and scum received at the sludge treatment facilities are conditioned with polymer and pumped into centrifuges(10no.in all)where the content is reduced to a level which will make it acceptable for disposal at landfill sites.

6. The facilities have a total production capacity of 900 tonnes of sludge cakes at 35% dryness per day.

7. Has the sludge moisture content for, adds the polymer dehydration after the iron trichloride sludge containing rate is firmly, after the centrifugal dehydration the filter cake moisture content is.





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