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Life can be more enjoyable whenever it gives you a sense of cleanliness and novelty

Chemich could be the first company that offer professional cleaning services

Superior technology used in synthetic surfactants

New Science
High-Tech Surfactants

Chemich is a newly-founded company that manufactures special chemicals. It provides high-tech surfactants for the global detergent market. These surfactants offer solutions to several problems, including removing heavy-duty stains and cleaning contaminated surfaces with the least damage. These surfactant structures are currently the strongest and most effective ones in the field of cleaning worldwide.
All the products suggested by this company and will also be presented in the future, have been developed based on the knowledge and repeated laboratory tests in the last 10 years, been prepared and synthesized based on the world’s growing need for household and industrial cleaners. Considering the work efficiency, product knowledge and price for the benefit of small and large consumers.
The goals of this complex have caused the Chemich company to be able to meet the needs of different groups in the target market in order to provide the raw materials for detergent factories and even for the targeted consumers. Meanwhile, the whole efforts of this company have been focused on this issue so that it can produce and suggest some products creating firstly the minimum common damages to the human’s skin and respiratory system as well as to his/her environment and finally, to the considered surfaces and objects on which he/she is cleaning and washing.