Product Name: TH-1

Market: Household, Institutional, Industrial, Indoor & Outdoor cleaner, Laundry, Leather Industrial cleaner, Textile Industry
Feature: Active Surfactant, Enzymatic Action, Catalytic Mechanism, Eco-Friendly Technology

Application: Detergents, All Purpose Cleaner, Ultrasonic Cleaners, Desizing Process, Swimming Pool Maintenance, Washing Machine, Healthcare Facilities, Wood Cleaner

Remove: Calcite & Lime, Rust, Yellow & Black Stain, Oxidation Film, Grime, Dirt, Contaminants

Surfaces Cleaned: Boat, Car, Truck, Aircraft, tools, Aluminum, Stainless Steel & Chrome, Faucet, Bathroom, Ceramic, Concrete, Porcelain, Tile, Granite Stone, Plastic, Rubber & Fiberglass, Fabric, Floor

Description: Concentrated, Heavy Duty cleaner, Fragrance-Free, Usable With Cold Water (10-25 ℃), Remove Bad Odor, Solvent Free, Non- Corrosive, Great Substitution for Corrosive Acids And Hazardous Solvents, Neutral pH, Stable in Acidic and Alkaline pH, Non-Foaming

Recommended dilution with water: It depends on both the nature of the stain and the type of surface stained 1:20 to 1:200 (liquid detergent manufacturers can use concentrated surfactant 1-10% in their formulation)

First, soak your part in a dilute solution for a few minutes, or leave it to be treated for 5-30 minutes in case of using this surfactant alone to achieve the best results. The time depends on contamination levels and, on the other hand, allowing active ingredients to work on, then brush off and finally rinse with clean water or wipe off with a towel. If you want to use the spraying method, spray the solution on the desired area. Let the solution work on the area for 5-15 minutes. Then, clean the area with a wet cloth. After that, rinse it with water. You can add more time to the process or repeat this application for heavier dirt and pollutions.
pH range6.5 – 7.5
% activeapproximation 90%
Cleaner formliquid
Solubilitycompletely soluble in water
Initial boiling point>100℃
VOC content0%
Packaginggallon, 20 lit